Banana Pecan Granola

I love granola, but I don't always love random ingredients in store-bought granola. I was always intimidated by homemade granola, but hated how most granola contained honey, corn syrup, or refined sugar. I took the plunge and starting making my own. It is so simple to make and the ingredients can be found in most …

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Easy Vegan French Toast

With more and more people starting a vegan lifestyle or eating more plant-based, I thought I would share a beginner vegan recipe that is also very delicious. I normally eat whole foods (not the store) but it is okay to indulge every once in a while, especially when in doing so you are spreading the …

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BEST OF 2017

What a year! Prepare yourself for a super cliché 2017 post. I've been seeing a lot of memes talking about how 2017 was the worst. While they're very funny, it doesn't reflect my 2017. I had a great year! I went on some trips, had fun with my friends, read good books, saw the solar …

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Vegan Christmas Dinner

Eat, drink, and be merry! I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season. My Christmas was filled with Christmas movies, vegan food, and laughter (from my family making fun of me). I've been very lucky because my family spoils me with vegan food. We didn't have traditional holiday food this year, we just made …

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Vegan Advice: Supplements + iHerb

Should you take vitamins and supplements as a vegan? Some people say that you should only get your vitamins through your diet and food. I used to be like this as well. It is very possible to get all of the necessary nutrients through food, even on a plant-based diet. However, incorporating vitamins into your …

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Vegan Thanksgiving Recap

This is a little late, but there is still one day left in November so I guess it's okay. Thanksgiving can be stressful for vegans or those on a plant based diet. Your family might not be supportive or could pressure you to eat animal products. If I am being honest, I had some of …

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They Were Hurting Too

When you are hurting emotionally, it's easy to be consumed with your own feelings. It's much easier to despise the person (or persons) that hurt you, than it is to just forgive them and move on with your life. I haven't felt this kind of hurt in a long time, but I stumbled upon a …

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Coming to an End

Well, my summer is over. I am excited to be back at school, but I am going to miss my summer break. I had a perfect summer. I traveled and I relaxed. I reflected and I spent time with meaningful people. It could not have been better!   "Live in the sunshine. Swim in the …

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Fruit: Vegan Advice

Welcome back to my second post in my vegan advice series! I am addressing fruit today. I cringe when I hear "diet experts" say that you should only eat fruit in moderation. Or that certain fruits are unhealthy because of their glycemic index. As a vegan, these statements just make me laugh. I eat tons …

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Over It

This phrase is common among millennials. "I am over it" or "So over it". While this has a negative connotation sometimes, I feel it can be positive in certain ways. Moving on from things that don't suit your life can be extremely beneficial to your mental health.  Sometimes it's just easier to say that you …

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Baked “Fries”

Who doesn't love French Fries?! I love fries, but I don't love fatty and salty foods. Baked fries are a healthy alternative to traditional fries. First, preheat your oven to 450°. Then, cut one Russet Potato into wedges. Place wedges on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. I don't use a lot of oil when cooking, …

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Chasing Sunsets

I had some spare time a few days ago so I decided to watch the sunset. Many people go through their life on auto-pilot. They go to work, they eat, and they sleep. We get so caught up in our routines. Sometimes I just like to disconnect and take time to enjoy pretty sunsets and …

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Summer Love

Summer always gives me a feeling of bliss. I love summer and I love how magical it can be. As cheesy as it sounds, anything can happen during summer time. You're free from school and from the barren winter. Kids are cheerful and adults reminisce. Sweet treats are abundant. Family picnics are common and young …

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Cruelty-Free Haul

I'm all about the animals and I'm all about beauty products. I have recently tried some new products that are of course cruelty-free. I have been loving these products and they are also affordable! Maui Moisture Shampoo (Curly Hair) This shampoo has super simple ingredients and a lovely smell. My hair feels really clean after …

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June Favorites (Vegan)

My summer is flying by! This month I have quite a few favorites. I don't purchase a lot of things, so most of my favorites are foods or experiences. Fruit bowls have been my life this month. This one is banana, blackberries, and dark sweet cherries. I put together my own fruit bowls to save …

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Consumption is out of control. More, more, more. This is driving our society. We buy more in hopes of instant gratification. Getting that next "best thing" will make your life easier. False. The constant search for better and newer things just creates clutter. Clutter holds you back and is essentially visual noise. Do you want …

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A Weekend in Nashville

I've been to Nashville many times, but I go home wanting more each time. Not because it is a bad city, but because I always want to explore it further and it seems I always run out of time. To sum it up, Nashville has great food, great music, and a great atmosphere. You don't …

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Savannah Travel Guide

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I was on a 10 day trip. I traveled to the "South" and did service work and also experienced the rich culture of Savannah, Georgia. Georgia isn't often on people's list of places to vacation, but I truly think it is worth the visit! …

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I was sitting in class the other day. As I listened to the monotonous explanation of statistical analysis, tears welled up in my eyes. It wasn't the mathematics that moved me, but something in me was wakened (not in a dirty way). I thought about the kind of person I was last April. From the outside looking …

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Never Good Enough

I am enough... It's very easy to compare yourself to others. We live in a digital age where everyone is sharing their life on social media. This can be great to connect with people, but it is all too common to have feelings of envy and lower self-worth. I'm not blaming social media. But, it …

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Thoughts on Minimalism

I have been hesitant to write this post. For whatever reason, I haven't been able to put the words together to describe how I feel about minimalism. Minimalism has become more well-known in the past year because of a Netflix documentary and an abundant amount of minimalists and minimalism ideas on social media. I was never one …

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Finding New Inspiration

Exhausted, fed-up, and barely functioning. Recently, I have experienced a low-point. I am not saying I'm depressed because I am far from it. People go through ups and downs and it's perfectly normal, but lately it's been hard for me to get excited about basically anything. Constantly switching between class and work has definitely taken …

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Looking for Happiness in the Wrong Places 

Finding True Happiness I know the title is weird, but hear me out! We are always looking for things and amounts to make us happy. This idea came to me when I posted on my Instagram and I received more likes and follows than normal. For some reason I thought that I would be happier. …

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Goodwill Haul 

Personally, I love going to thrift stores. It's a great way to reuse and recycle clothes, books, and other possessions. I really don't care if other people judge me for it, I will still go to thrift stores. Not too long ago, I went to my local Goodwill. I regularly donate items to Goodwill, but …

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“Boosting” Your Social Media

These days, people are increasingly obsessed with views, likes, and followers. That sentence just made me sound super old, I'm not...Don't get me wrong, I enjoy when I get more views on Instagram or this blog. But, I am not obsessed with it and it's more about spreading a good message than about the number. …

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How To Make Instagram Worthy Smoothie Bowls + Update

More than likely, your Instagram feed is probably flooded with smoothie bowl photos. Mine definitely is. Smoothies are my favorite. I make smoothie bowls nearly every day. Despite how they look, they are really not that complicated. Here is a recipe and some helpful tips! RECIPE... (Mixed Berry Smoothie) 2-3 frozen bananas. 1.5 - 2 …

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Law of Attraction Update

The law of attraction is a new(ish) philosophy that basically means that your thoughts and perceptions attract certain energies into your life. I'm not going to get into a complex discussion of vibrations. But I think we can all agree that mindset dictates a lot of our lives. Living in a positive way, attracts more …

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Thank You Once Again!

My heart is full of gratitude. I've reached another milestone with my blog. I now have over 400 followers. It's not so much about the number, I'm just happy that my content is meaningful and spreading. As you might have noticed, I don't post just to post. I post when I am inspired or have …

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2018 GOALS

I'm usually not a fan of resolutions. People often break their New Year Resolutions because of unrealistic expectations. However, I think it is important to set goals and trying is always better than sitting on your butt. I want to share some of my goals and maybe it will give you inspiration as well. GOALS… …

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December Captures

December is an odd month. Everyone prepares for the holidays and then there's always an awkward few days between Christmas and the new year. My December started out with finals and then I went to my parent's house for a few weeks. I went back and forth for Christmas parties. I felt very busy, but …

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